Marvelling at little things

The internet is awash with negative news stories and bitter arguments in the comments section. It’s nice to find something that’s just lovely.

Minimiam is a collection of dioramas set up by husband and wife team Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle, imagining a miniature world in which tiny heroes go about their business in a landscape made of food.

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Making Music

One of the things to do that you see on the internet quite often is a fun way of making music that allows people to express their creativity with a very low barrier to entry.

This one exudes so much French cool it makes me want to fly there right now.

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Geoguessr takes you on a virtual trip round the world but drops you in five separate locations.

You then have to stick a pin in a map to guess where they’ve left you. You get more points the closer you are.

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Put on your dark sunglasses, bash the hell out of your keyboard and automatically produce perfect code.

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