Laughing at customers

Anyone who’s ever worked in customer services knows the joys.

Entertain yourself with this collection of stories from the around the world.


Experiencing something new

Have you driven a Ferrari? Have you bunjee jumped?

Flown a plane? A hot air balloon?

If you answered “no” to any of those, why not treat yourself or someone else?


Reading letters

“Letters of Note”

The title says it all. Although many of the letters are from, to, or about noteworthy people, many are not – they’re simply noteworthy for one reason or another.

All human life is captured here: at times moving, scary, humorous, but always interesting.


Awkward photo viewing

We’ve all got them, either locked aware in a cupboard or worse, displayed in prime position at our parents’ house.

Here’s your opportunity to laugh at everyone else’s awkward family photos.


Geo guessing

Geoguessr takes you on a virtual trip round the world but drops you in five separate locations.

You then have to stick a pin in a map to guess where they’ve left you. You get more points the closer you are.


Fact checking

About to share something on social media?

Stop! Check whether it’s true first or you could look silly, or worse, you could spread dangerous misinformation.


Hacker typing

Put on your dark sunglasses, bash the hell out of your keyboard and automatically produce perfect code.



A real thing of beauty but also a test of endurance.

How long can you watch the cute anime girl spinning the leek before you give up?