The internet can be a pretty overwhelming place. Sometimes you need to take time out and remind yourself it's not all serious.

1. Googlewhacking

The original procrastinator's nightmare, now made even more difficult by scallywags posting word lists everywhere. The idea is to type two words into Google that will produce from its store of billions of pages of indexed information, just one result. The words you type in must be in Google's own dictionary. If you've never come across Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure then I suggest you investigate that as it's a lot less frustrating than the game itself.

2. Find someone special

It's bad enough being on the internet and being bored, but if you're on the internet, bored AND single, then surely it's time you did something about it, no? There are many online dating sites around, but none has anything like the clout that eHarmony has. They do "scientific matching" you know!

3. Find out whether you're hot or not

It's a simple concept - you upload a photo, people give you a score out of ten and you discover whether you're hot or indeed, not. I'm sure you're very hot. Or you can just vote on other people instead.

4. Gasp at stastical art

That's what I've just Christened it anyway. The work of Chris Jordan reflects our consumerist society in jaw-dropping visual form.

5. Broadcast yourself

How many videos have you watched on YouTube? Why not make one of your own?

6. Laugh at dead people

Darwin's theory of evolution, though complex, boils down to the idea that organisms can only survive to reproduce if they're well adapted to their environment. This site tells us all about those who have died in very stupid ways and thereby prevented their stupidity genes being passed on to the next generation.

7. Treat yourself to a new phone

Bored with your current phone? Get yourself a nice new mobile in the post. Quite often you can get a phone that's better than your current one for less money.

8. Get some retail therapy

Go on, get some retail therapy with Amazon.

9. Find your namesake

Unless you have a very rare or very common name, this can be quite a mind-opening experience. Maybe, get in touch with your namesake? Share your experiences of being your name with other people who are your name.

Custom Search

10. Start a blog

Who's the most important person in the world? You are! Let everyone else know your thoughts by starting a blog. Try these - Blogger ; WordPress ; MySpace.

11. Search for long lost friends

Who knows what could happen? A more dangerous variant is "search for long lost lovers"...

Custom Search

12. Take a journey through the random

There's a site called StumbleUpon that acts as a kind of randomizer. You press a button and it gives you a site that other people have recommended. It's a wonderful way to bump into something you never knew you wanted.

13. Make anagrams of you and your friends

Entertain your friends and colleagues with this nifty anagram maker.

14. Marvel at Wikipedia

You could lose yourself for days and days in Wikipedia. Did you know for instance that Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo is a perfectly valid sentence in American English or that 0.999 recurring is actually equal to 1?

15. Start a rumour

This is a competitive game. Play against a friend and see who can get the most people to believe the most ridiculous rumour. Try not to make it a vicious rumour though.

Start-a-Rumour Plus involves some groundwork. Use the internet to create a literature of disinformation to support your rumour, and THEN see how far it gets. Award yourself a gold star if your rumour ends up in any print or broadcast media.

16. Dialectize a web page

Here you can turn your web page (or any text) into a variety of dialects. Redneck is the mostest fun!

17. Download some serious software

Programmes like Maya 3D (used to make films like Toy Story) have trial versions you can download for free. Maybe they could unleash your creative genius. Of course, you'll need to spend a small fortune if you want to buy the full versions. Adobe's Creative Suite is available on trial too.

18. Plan out some meals for the next few days

There are oh so many recipe sites out there. My own favourite is the BBC's recipe finder but maybe that's because I'm British. For those of you who cook in "cups" and like "cilantro", there's but if - like me - you like a bit of adventure in the kitchen, the Flavour Thesaurus is a truly astonishing piece of kit.

19. Laugh at the LOL cats

I defy anyone not to have a good time looking at these captioned cat photos.

20. Tour the world

If you've never had a play with Google Earth, then it's about time you tried. You can fly from Manchester to Tokyo in 3 seconds. Not that you'd want to mind - Manchester's the best place on the planet. Ahem... If you need some direction (ho-ho-ho) while you're playing with it, you can play games like "who can find ten Russian towns beginning with 'C' first" and "find a lake shaped like a shampoo bottle" or more interesting variations of your own.

21. Find out where you dead heroes live

If you've ever wanted to pay homage to your long lost hero, then you can find out where (or if) they're buried here.

22. Make a photo-fit of yourself or your friends

Pretend you're wanted by Interpol by making a photo-fit style picture of yourself. What, you really are wanted by Interpol?

23. Fun ways to learn where things are

Play Statetris, a variation on the theme of Tetris where the blocks are actually states (or counties).

24. Read the complete works of Shakespeare

There's an online repository of Shakespeare's complete works. Always good to know.

25. Remember how much you like the moon

The occasional genius that is Joel Veitch produced probably the best song ever to contain the words marmot and spoon.
N.B. - makes noise when opened

26. Marvel at Uncyclopedia

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well, maybe not equal, but the Uncylcopedia is quite a fun place to while away a few minutes, hours, days.

27. See how long you can spin a leek

This is just adorable. For a few seconds. Then it becomes quite charming. Then after a while it becomes quite unpleasant. This is an endurance feat. How long can you last before you make it go away?

28. Search NASA's archives

There's a whole universe of incredible images and recordings here and they're free of copyright too. Lose yourself in the vastness of space.

29. Learn good English

If your grammar, punctuation and spelling leave a lot to be desired, why not try and improve them?

30. Learn bad English

Alternatively, if you're grammer and puncturation an speling our ferst class then why not see if you can kajoal sum pore sap into getting anoid with you?

31. Find out what happens to stuff when you microwave it

Gasp at the power of the microwave. Don't try this at home!

32. Watch a man age 8 years in 2 minutes

This gentleman photographed himself every day for 8 years and turned the results into a video. Intriguing.

33. Find out how tall your favourite celebrities are

Essential information that we all need: the height of our favourite celebrity.

34. Learn LOTS of things!

My favourite online video tutorial site is VideoJug. Their videos just seem to work and they're made with a little humour too.

35. Play the Wiki-Sex game

A competitive game. You and a friend must choose a topic for each other. The idea of the game is to start from the Wikipedia article for that topic and reach the article on Sex in as few clicks as possible. The person who achieves this wins the game.

36. Enjoy a giggle

The fabulous Joke Diary gives you something to chortle at every day.

37. Download a new browser

Find out why Firefox is used by up to 40% of internet users - infinitely configurable with user-developed add-ons, fast, responsive and more secure. Another great offering is the best thing to come out of Norway since A-ha - Opera. Google's own Chrome has many fans too.

38. Learn how to fold a shirt in two seconds

This is a skill that is great to get the hang of: folding shirts in about a second.
N.B. - makes noise when opened

39. Spend your money more ethically

Learn how "ethically challenged" your favourite retailer/manufacturer is and use your consumer choice to encourage them into caring for the environment and the communities in which they operate. I guess the "fun" part comes in seeing how ethical or otherwise the operations of these companies are.

40. Get some nice wallpaper

Get yourself a nice picture from the sky to give you a new perspective on life.

More coming soon...

More "things" are being added all the time and there are exciting new developments on the way that will mean you can suggest your own "things" as well as discuss and vote on the "things to do" that are already here.